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    Create process on USER object


      Is it possible to create a process on the user object ? If yes then i currently have LDSD only. I cannot define a process on the user. Do i need to buy some additional module in order to be able to create a process?


      Currently my requirement is to trigger a script on change of user account type on user object. Can this be achieved without the process. Also is it even possible with the process?


      Any information will be welcome.


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      Himani Tanwar

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          The user object itself is not enabled to handle a process.  For creating a user you can achieve much the same result if you want a process to sit at the back of creating one.  You can write a process (say a request), which collects data and then creates a user, puts them in a role/group.  However for the example given, I think you want to run a process when a user type changes from (say) analyst to end user?  If so, then one approach would be to use LPM and a database listener looking for such changes.  LPM can then be used to fire off an LDSD process.  Not the simplest of things to do, but possible.  Another similar thought, completely untested, if you have Event Manager?  Event Manager can be configured to put events created in a process into a queue for an external application to process and then fire off actions back into LDSD.  So you would have a process that requested a change to the user type, use event manager to pop that into a queue table and then have an external app such as LPM create the LDSD process.


          Personally I'd also consider asking the LANDESK SI team to give you a quote for this as that way you would also have a supported system.  Just a thought.