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    Assignment email unable to pickup field from the assignment window


      In the assignment window we use the description field pre populated with text and fields from the incident like description status etc, this field is hidden as it is pre populated text. The description field is sent as an email to the analyst so they can see a little information in the email about what has been assigned to them. This works fine. In the same assignment window we have a Reason field, free text for the person assigning the incident to explain why the incident has been assigned provide further information etc.


      I am unable to reference this reason field in the description field so that the reason is also included in the email that is sent. I assume it is because the reason field and description field are part of the same window as I have tried {_AssignmentReason} and all variations of the field name the email just shows the variable name and not the field data.


      Basically need the reason field included in the email that gets sent as well as the pre populated description.