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    Creating a role with multiple permissions


      I am creating a request form in Service Desk which has choices for roles and permissions:


      Role 1 - Permission 1a, Permission 1b, Permission 1c

      Role 2 - Permission 2a, Permission 2b, Permission 2c

      Role 3 - Permission 3a, Permission 3b, Permission 3c



      My first groupbox is a prompt for a Role - choose Role 1, Role 2 or Role 3. The request can only have 1 role, but that role can have 1 or more permissions, so I need a multiselect list box.


      I created a reference list for Roles which contains Role 1, Role 2, Role 3

      I created reference lists for Permission1 (Permission 1a, Permission 1b, Permission 1c), Permission 2, and Permission 3

      I have linked the request, role and permission attributes together, added a collection of Permission on the Role, and created a linking business object of role and permission. I have tried using filters on the collection for Role 1 to choose Permission1, Role 2 to choose Permission2 and so on, I just can't get the multiselect box to work like I want it to.


      Has anyone done something similar who can point me to what steps I am missing?  We are new to Service Desk, and I am still trying get my arms wrapped around the design process.