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    Calculation on Asset management's object. Unable to retrieve the correct result.


      I have created an Asset (Object Designer->Asset Management->Asset->WLAN Access Point). WLAN Access Point is the asset that I have created. I have object default object (Object Designer->System->Company) called COMPANY that I have dragged and dropped on WLAN Access Point.


      There are two mandatory fields in COMPANY and WLAN Access Point called TITLE and NAME. We cannot remove these fields from the layout. I do not want these fields to display on the layout. I have used these fields in place of other fields.


      In Company object:

           1. Title is used for Company field

           2. Name is used as Company Code


      In WLAN Access Point object:

           1. Title is used as Serial Number

           2. Name is used as Name


      On User Object Company is being referenced.


                                                                                                 USER OBJECT


      ASSET OWNER is the reference of User Object in WLAN Access Point.

      Based on Asset Owner Company is retrieved on WLAN Access Point.


                                                                                      WLAN ACCESS POINT


      Requirement : Based on Asset Owner I have to retrieve the company associated with the User.


      To achieve so I have written a calculation code on Company field in WLAN Access Point.

      Below is the code:

                               import System

                               static def GetAttributeValue(_DatamigrationBMCWLANAccessPoints):

                                 Value = _DatamigrationBMCWLANAccessPoints._User1._Company1

                                 return Value


      Problem: This is fetching me the Name and Title of WLAN Access Point in the Company(Title field from Company Object) and Company Code(Name field from Company Object) fields. But I want to fetch the Name(Company Code) and Title(Company Id) from the Company fields associated on the User Object. (Clearly visible in above screenshot)


      Can anyone help me how to achieve the correct result?