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    Newbie Provisioning Question


      Our agency is still at LDMS 9.6. We had a LANDesk Trainer here last week to cover Provisioning.


      I was told many times last week that upgrading to LD 2016 will simplify MANY tasks. I have no doubt of that, but I have no control on when the agency decides to upgrade.


      I learned a lot about Provisioning, but... There are still questions that I didn't think to ask. Here is one:


      When configuring templates last week, we created 3 Deploy Templates for 3 different OS configurations (mix of 32 bit and 64 bit) and a fourth template to auto install Base Apps / Scripts after the OS is installed.


      My question is, since we have a mix of 32 & 64 bit operating systems and the applications are a mix of 32 & 64 bit, should we create 2 separate templates for base applications? One for 32 bit applications and another for 64 bit applications. Or should my LD install packages be batch files that detects the OS for 32 or 64 bit and install the appropriate application version?


      Within 8 to 12 months, this will not mater; all custom 32 bit applications will be web based. But for now, we need to maintain a Windows 7 32 bit OS image.


      What is best practice when installing mixed operating systems and applications?




      Jack Rutledge