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    Manually Execute A Deployment Protect 9.2 issues

    alexwu Rookie

      Hi all,


      So : we have some servers that we are only copying patches and the client is installing them.

      After the upgrade to 9.2 , it seems that the .bat file used for manually installation has moved, according to this document : https://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-24100


      Using the infos provided in the document , i have some issues :


      1-after i deploy the patches with a no reboot template (before/after) and only copy patches, the customer shoud run the bat file InstallPatches-###" from C:\Windows\ProPatches\Staged folder. The problem is that after running the file, the server will restart, even if i deploy with no reboot option and i don.t want that. Any ideas here ?

      2-can we follow up on screen the patch installtion ? after running the bat file the only way to track KB installtion is to check event viewer

      3-is there any config file that says which patches will be installed after running the bat file ? i need this because the customer might need to skip some patches, and maybe remove the KB line from the config file, this way that patch will not be applied. I guess is can also be done by deleting the KB from ProPatches folder.