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    Updating CI field with/from process

    pdabrowski Apprentice

      I have a problem with LDSD. I would like to update a field in CI with a process. This was already mentioned, here in the community (Update a CI field from request process), but that doesnt seem to solve the issue.


      Solution mentioned is featured in LDSD Dsigner pdf. It is under paragraph: Administration of users and CIas from process.

      Example mentioned there is about creating an "entry". This works fine when I tried it. I was able to open desired "asset card" and new CI was created. Updating one seesm like a bit different thing. The text in the paragraph mentions that described actions can be used to do that.


      So I tried, but after choosing created action (in webaccess) to update CI you get empty browser tab/window. Frankly speaking I dont see how could this work any other way? I mean to update a specific CI I would have to be able to open its "card" that is one of many available under given b.object of that CI. It seems thoug that the created action is trying a 'bulk update' on all Cis available for that b.object...


      Is there a way to do this (Update CI field with/from process) with 'options' available only to LD sService Desk?