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    Internal Note -

    sameralee Apprentice

      Is it possible to allow LDSD users to choose who they want to send the email reminder to directly on the note window instead of having it pre-determined in the auto Add Reminder action within the process?

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          Sure - it's very common to have a couple of check boxes on the add note window to allow the user to say if they want the note to go to the analyst and/or end user.  The process then looks at these to determine how many reminders and who to send the detail to.

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            sameralee Apprentice

            Fair enough

            I was actually interested in having the internal note to function as a communication tool for the IT people where they could leave note with one another within a particular ticket (that sends out an email reminder), so just the check boxes may not be enough....hopefully they could pick the specific person on the window who to send note to?  On the Internal note window in Window Manager I do not see any attributes i could use....

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              Yes you could add a user attribute to the note and then use that to decide who to send the reminder too.  There are many options!

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                sameralee Apprentice

                Thanks, I may give this a try, does it require linking two business objects together (e.g. User and Internal Note)?


                If I've learned anything at all about this system so far, is that there are always more than one way to getting anything accomplished

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                  Yes indeed - in object designer you'll need to drag the system/user object onto the Incident/Note and say NO to the question that gets asked.