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    reminder email about items left in cart

    eric.wagner Apprentice

      I am looking for a way to email end users letting them know that they did not fully check out when they add ci to their cart. Anyone have a way of doing this?

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          Hi Eric


          I might be over thinking this but I think there would need a Stored Procedure linked here somewhere.

          So what I was thinking was to send a Schedule Report to a group, for example having a group that's members have items in the cart.

          Then the issue is, how can I get the users in that group as we would need to add them to the linking table (User group) as you know we this is sometimes done with a SP for after a data import has ran.

          So we could use the same type of SP, but obviously only looking for users that are in the tps_shopping_cart table (in the table there is a tps_user_guid).

          Also you would have to make sure you remove the users after the report was sent maybe with another SP to run later, again I guess you could do some of the SP within the product but I feel you would need SQL at some point.


          There will be other ways to do the same task, but this is my first thought.