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    Window Views for Calendar Process Action

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

      Does anyone know how to have different windows for the scheduling window.


      If we create a process windowed action (for a schedulable object), called say "Schedule" for the sake of convention,  and set it's "Display as a Calendar in WebAccess" and then at runtime invoke this to get the calendar and click the workspace the "Appointment" window for the specific object chosen will be displayed.


      How though can we have different versions of that window via either dynamic window calcs or window view?


      It would seem views are ruled out because the "Process" attribute that is available on the doesn't have its "Is Owner" property set to TRUE in B.O.D.


      If I could create a window calc then how would I be able to tell if called as part of a process (the "Schedule" action) or outside of the process so I can branch the window calc correctly;  my example BTW is like the Change Calendar model (on this forum) where the schedulable object is a reference list which is attached to the main lifecycle such that when "Schedule" is called it includes this object in the calendar display!.  But for example you can ALSO invoke this calendar outside of a process and add entries too; for example non-available periods and which aren't linked to process.


      Issue is also compounded by the fact that the "process" and "Schedulable Object" attributes of an appointment don't populate on window open and only after save.


      Seems I'm stuffed at every angle so has anyone managed to crack?