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    sdmcache path variable for use in software distribution?

    RBC Apprentice

      Hello everyone.


      When making scripts for software distribution, sometimes I need to copy files from the local sdmcache to other locations in the machine. I can use environment variables like %programfiles% but I would like to know if landesk agent creates any kind of custom variable to point directly to the smdcache folder in order to shorten lines in scripts.




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          It's not added as an environment variable (which is what you'd need for that sort of thing, from a locally executed batch file).


          In a CUSTJOB script, you might (IIRC) use a %SDMCACHE%-like auto resolution - but that's CUSTJOB / Manage Scripts only. For software packages, you'd need to create a client-side OS Environment variable that can be resolved in the batch / script that you're running.


          In essence, if you're using a wrapper of some sort (why you are, by the sounds of it), that wrapper needs to be able to resolve your shortcut "itself" ... at best, we can substitute runtime parameters calling batches / scripts - not stuff in scripts themselves.


          Provisioning MAY help out a bit (it's been a while)...


          oh! Actually - custom vulnerabilities! They keep track of where SDMCACHE is easily enough. So if you're willing to use custom vulnerabilities, that may help you out here plenty .