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    Remove agent


      I'm trying to remove the agent through a scheduled task and under the Result it keeps saying "Client has started processing task" but it just stays like that.

      I have the computer i'm trying to remove the agent from right next to me and the agent/AV is still on the computer after 30 minutes. Never gets removed.


      I'm using the .exe package for UninstallWinClient.exe


      Any thoughts? Any ideas about why this doesn't get removed?



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          steve.may Apprentice

          Have you tried doing this in a batch file, or only as a EXE package?

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            Yes, i have tired both. The folder sdmcache does not even get the copy of the agent or batch to run.

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              The way I was able to do this is by making use of scripts under Tools - Distribution - Manage Scripts

              Created script with the following.








              The bat file it points to contains the following. (uninstallLandeskAgent.bat)

              \\landesksvr\Packages\LANDesk\UninstallWinClient.exe /NOREBOOT

              exit /b 0



              UninstallWinClient.exe resides in the same directory as bat file, no need to copy locally

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                klevitan Specialist

                Once the agent is uninstalled it wont be able to report back to the server to tell it that the task succeeded.

                Have you confirmed if the agent actually is uninstalled?