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    Running the portal as another user


      Is it possible to have the portal displaying different packages depending on who launches it?


      We use TeamViewer for remote support (always under the end users' control) and I was hoping there was a way for a member of the support team to connect to a user's PC and then launch the portal using their own support credentials (using this - Run as Different User - Windows 7 Help Forums), thereby giving them a more exhaustive list of optional packages compared with what the end user themselves sees.  We were hoping to use this method for packages that need approval for licenses etc.


      Or, is there another way to acheive the same result some other way?  I was hoping to to have to give access to the LDMS console.


      We're using LDMS 2016.


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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Why not have the approval process end with the adding of the machine account to an AD group against which the package policy is targeted?


          If you do this then the package only goes to the approved machine rather than anything the user logs into (especially useful if you are thinking of licensing here), there will be no need to connect to the client to install the app as it would happen automatically, and by using targeting like this you could also make use of the uninstall association so if you remove a device from the group (unsubscribe) then the software would get removed.


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