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    ServiceDesk web console view

    fsaneil Rookie

      When i login as root admin, into web console, I have a side menu that allows me to select new incident and so on, just like in the ServiceDesk application. All our Analysts are not able to see this side menu and just have a blank menu  on the side in web console. If they open the SD application itself, they have all the options as usual.


      what do i need to do to allow analysts to have the side menu on the left so they can proceed to create new incidents?

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          Markus.Gonser ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi fsaneil,


          you should publish the tabs in your Console to the Users or Roles or Groups like you want.

          Do the following:

          1. Login to your LDSD Console (not Web)
          2. Open Shortcuts - Manage Shortcuts
          3. Switch to Tab Publish Shortcut Groups
          4. Select in the right corner Web Desk Shortcut Bar
          5. Then select your Shortcut Group on the left side and your User/Role/Group in the middle and switch the User/Role/Group to the Selected Items
          6. After that the User(s) in your selected Role/Group(s) will now see the Shortcut Group in WebDesk.


          best regards


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            fsaneil Rookie

            Thank you Markus. Looks like its there, including "New Incident" shortcut. Now I need to figure out how to create an Incident on behalf of a user. If i click New Incident, it just creates it as me. I'll make another post on this. to keep things clean.