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    Auto fill values on creation of Change ticket from Incident ticket




      I have taken Create Change Action Instance to create Change from Incident process. Is it possible to auto fill values while creating Change ticket from Incident.

      I am able to do it if I take AUTOMATIC ACTION INSTANCE of CREATE CHANGE. But I want to do the same using ACTION INSTANCE.

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          andreas.lindner Expert

          Hi HimaniTanwar,


          runtime values are only available in automatic actions but I think I have the solution for your problem, at least that is what works for me.

          1. In Object Designer I added all additional attributes that I wanted to hand over to the Change as runtime value to my Incident Object, including some reference lists for e.g. Change Category, Change Impact, and so on.
          2. Then I added a new window containing some of the Incidents' attributes and all of the new attributes so we can fill in the values.
          3. In Process Designer I added a new windowed action "New Change from Incident" (set the Associated with Window to true) and put them in place.
          4. Right after my new action I put the default "Create Change" automatic action in place and set the runtime values for RaiseUser, Title, Description, Change Category, etc.
          5. In Window Manager I added a new View Rule for the Incident Object, that is triggered by my new action itself and shows the window I added earlier.7
          6. Set the permissions for Analysts to run this new action.


          As an option, you can use a new collection instead of new attributes on your Incident Object, but that will be much more work to do.


          So you can achieve that someone has the option to fill in some new values and automatically get them into a new Change.

          I hope that helps!