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    Cannot open service catalog items


      Hi All,


      I made a few design changes to a request window, and now, on workspaces, I get the following error message when clicking "Request service" on any service on the service catalog:



      Error: Internal Server Error. Server Response: Object reference not set to an instance of an object



      On webaccess it works fine, but on workspaces (end user and analysts) the error message always appears.


      thanks in advance





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          andreas.lindner Expert

          Hi Ricardo,


          these object reference errors always happen if some attribute is NULL that cannot be NULL. Basically all mandatory attributes cannot be null and although some of them have default values there may be some problem with run time values that can cause the problem. Now there can be multiple causes to that problem:

          1. Did you add a new calculation that may cause the problem (also any window calculation)?
          2. Are all necessary attributes populated with values in your Service item?
          3. Are all necessary request process attributes are populated with values from your Service item (runtime values)?
          4. Did you change some filters or copy rules related to any mandatory attribute?


          Sometimes, since the Workspaces is not feature complete, there will be a problem with copy rules and filters because not all of them will work at the moment. The easiest way will be to use an automatic action in the process to populate the mandatory information. But I think the answer lies within the possible causes I mentioned before.


          Hope that helps!


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            Hi Andreas,


            Thanks for the feedback.


            Yes, I added calculations (windows calculations)



            import System


            static def GetAttributeValue(Request):


            HAdduser = true


            MAdduser = false


            HCuser = true


            MCuser = false




            if Request._ConfigItemRequested != null:


            if Request._ConfigItemRequested.Title == "FXTracker - Add New User":


            HAdduser = false


            MAdduser = true




            if Request._ConfigItemRequested != null:


            if Request._ConfigItemRequested.Title == "FXTracker - Change User":


            HCuser = false


            MCuser = true




            return string.Format(":SetHidden(_FXTAdduser1name,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAdduser1name,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTAdduserlastname,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAdduserlastname,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTAdduseremail,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAdduseremail,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTAdduseremployeetitle,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAdduseremployeetitle,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTAdduserdisplayclient,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAdduserdisplayclient,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTAdduserdisplayPO,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAdduserdisplayPO,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTAdduserdisplayPM,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAdduserdisplayPM,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTAdduserdisplayAM,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAdduserdisplayAM,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTAdduserdisplayGPM,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAdduserdisplayGPM,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTAddusermanager,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAddusermanager,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTAdduserClientNotif,{0});:SetMandatory(_FXTAdduserClientNotif,{1});:SetHidden(_FXTChangeuser1name,{2});:SetMandatory(_FXTChangeuser1name,{3});:SetHidden(_FXTChangeuseremail,{2});:SetMandatory(_FXTChangeuseremail,{3});:SetHidden(_FXTChangeusermanager,{2});:SetMandatory(_FXTChangeusermanager,{3});:SetHidden(_FXTChangeuserdisclient,{2});:SetMandatory(_FXTChangeuserdisclient,{3});:SetHidden(_FXTChangeuserlastname,{2});:SetMandatory(_FXTChangeuserlastname,{3});:SetHidden(_FXTChangeuseremployeetitle,{2});:SetMandatory(_FXTChangeuseremployeetitle,{3});:SetHidden(_FXTChangeuserclientnotif,{2});:SetMandatory(_FXTChangeuserclientnotif,{3});:SetHidden(_FXTChangeuserdispo,{2});", HAdduser ,MAdduser,HCuser,MCuser)




            The 1st service was working correctly, the second "FTracker - Change user", is the one that started giving problems. the last attribute "_FXTChangeuserdispo"  has a default value text that I entered and set to read only.


            Could this be related?


            Best Regards,



            Ricardo Almeida

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              Hi Andreas,


              The error was due to the fact that I had an attribute on the window with a default value, however, I removed the text from the label related to the attribute,  so that only the attribute would appear.


              That didn't go well with my windows calculations (Hidden and mandatory fields), so I gave the label of the attribute a title and it worked.


              Many thanks for the explanation. Really helped!


              Best Regards,


              Ricardo Almeida