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    LANDesk Products Features

    hmejia Rookie

      Hello there


      I know this could be a weird discussion but I really want to know if is there a Comparison Table for the features provided by the LANdesk Products? I mean, I have a customer who needs to have all his inventory tracked, Management Suite of course has the Inventory Module but Managament Suite runs out of customer's budget, so we advise him to get Inventory Manager instead cause it will reduce the project cost, but we don't really know what Inventory Manager does exactly offer to the customer. I mean Managament Suite is the whole solution and Inventory Manager is only a part of it but it would be nice to have a comparison table where we can see all the features provided for each tool in a single view.


      It will help us to offer the right tool to the customer, another example could be... Data Analytics, Asset Intelligence, and ITAM.


      Thanks in advance!

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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          This is really a question that should be addressed to our sales folks.  These forums are managed by support personnel and we don't have the kind of data that you are looking for available.  If you go to support.landesk.com and look at details of your company it will tell you who your sales rep is.