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    Distribution packages in Azure


      Has anyone tried to use Azure as an external http/https distribution source?  With the large number of computers that I have to deploy to, pulling source files from my local network out to our retail locations will saturate my bandwidth at our corporate location.  I've had to seek out alternate means to distribute large files out to our retail locations, Azure being one of them.  However, when i create my content delivery service in Azure and try to access that path via LANDesk distribution, i get a 403 forbidden error.


      Several questions here:

      • Is it possible to use Azure as an external file source to distribute files via LANDesk?
      • What is preventing LANDesk from accessing the Azure https link where my files are located in?
        • (i am able to hit the link via an incognito google session, and it downloads it no problem)
      • What credentials does LANDesk use to access the http path that you specify in "the Primary File" section of Package Information when creating a distribution package?
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          LANDave SupportEmployee

          How does this content appear to the core or client?


          Does appear as a classic UNC share of a Classic HTTP share?


          In each case make sure that the permissions are set if applicable.


          Everyone: Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read

          IUSR: Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read

          NETWORK SERVICE: Full Control

          Administrators: Full Control