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    Why is my Managed Planet DTS Web Pull maxing out CPU usage?

    SpencerTC Apprentice

      Using Management Suite 2016, I just upgraded to SU5 (still on base 2016; 2016.3 failed on installation), but ever since doing so, both my Memory and CPU have been maxing out like no one's business. I was running 4 virtual processors and 8 GB of virtual memory, but even after bumping up to 12 GB RAM and 6 virtual processors, the CPU is still maxing out, and Memory is capping out at 10.7 GB.


      According to my Task Manager, the "Managed Planet DTS Web Pull" is the culprit, hogging all of these resources. It's slowing all my processes and console down. How can I claim back my resources and why is Managed Planet consuming so much? Is there a way to configure how greedy it gets?




      This all started shortly after re-enabling Data Translation Services. According to the article Temporary Internet Files Growing Very Large On Core , having DTS set as an active rule will pretty much decimate system resources and create temporary files at an alarming rate (my hard drive went from 42 GB free to 0 GB free in just under 8 hours. I have to continuously delete the "C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE" folder several times a day just to keep my hard drive space in tact.


      DTS is draining resources, and I need help on how to better manage it. Can anyone help me with this?