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    Devices added to a task via a webservice don't change from status 0 to 1001 (via 9.6 SP3 )

    omasur Rookie


      I've upgraded my Core server in 9.6SP3 (instead of 9.6SP2).


      Before, I used to create a scheduled task in Policy mode ...and add it some devices via the webservice: AddDeviceToScheduledTask

      In the scheduled task, the devices were changing from status 0 to 1001 automaticaly. So, I was able to launch a policysync.exe from the agent.


      But since (may be) SP3, sometimes it's OK, and sometimes the devices stay in 0 status...and policysync.exe is unable to run the task.

      Anybody has this issue ?

      Any idea on how to fix it ?


      Thanks in advance for your reply.