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    HP Elitebook Folio G1 - anyone able to image one?

    acopeland Apprentice

      Having the hardest time getting this new notebook to take an image.


      After the CTOS task during provisioning, it does the reboot, but gives an error that it doesn't can't find a boot volume.


      BootDevice Not Found

      Please install an OS on your HDD.

      Hard Disk - (3F0)

      F2 System Diagnostics

      For more information, please visit: HP website that is of no help....


      Tested on another device of the same model, verified the provision task still works on other models.



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          Sounds to me like WinPE does not have the proper storage drivers for that model. It's either laying down the image but not in a way that the BIOS can see, or it's using the wrong boot settings (e.g., booted Legacy mode, imaged Legacy mode, but BIOS is set to UEFI, or vice-versa)


          1.) What version LDMS are you using?

          2.) What is the specific model number of the G1 (as returned by entering "wmic csproduct get name" in the command prompt)?
          3.) What BIOS settings are you using? (Legacy BIOS or UEFI, SATA operation mode, fastboot mode, TPM / Secureboot status, etc)