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    Service Catalogue


      Good Morning,


      We use the service catalogue to hosts all our Catalogue Items, for some reason our catalogue is not showing in LIVE but is showing in TEST.


      I have rebuilt the catalogue in Knowledge Management and check the Knowledge query to make sure it was successful and it was.


      If anyone could help me ASAP as I have a Hospital not being able to use it and it is of high importance to get this problem fixed ASAP.


      Many Thanks



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          Motaz ITSMMVPGroup



          I believe that this can be solved by following these steps:


          1- Login to the Configuration Center

          2- Click EDIT next to the Webaccess that you want to have the Service Catalogue at.

          3- In the "Free Index search index path" field, Fill in the Framework URL. for example: "C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\ServiceDesk\Test.Framework" where Test.Framework = <YourInstance.LiveFramework>


          I hope that solves your issue

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