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    Trigger package installation direclty from the end-user. Other solutions apart the Portal ?




      we have been investigating the Software on Demand Portal. But we also have another system totally independent from LANDesk for letting end users install applications.

      We wonder how we can propose to the end user a unique list of all applications with a unique way of installing/uninstalling applications.


      Working with the LANDesk Portal seems technically feasible but would require big maintenance work, and install/uninstall procedures of the other system are tricky to put in place.

      Maybe working the other way is better, I mean taking the other system' s portal and "adding" on-demand applications from LANDesk. When the end user clicks on a LANDesk package shortcut, it triggers a command line calling LANDesk to install the application.


      We have tried sdclient, which seems to work pretty well for a simple custom task (followed part of this topic About SDCLIENT based communications ). As example, this user-context command line worked well (the Core Server received the "Test" message)


      "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\sdclient.exe" /taskid=68 /msg="Test"


      But for executing Distribution Package, it probably must run under the system account (or be executed with the Local Scheduler), or also executing sdclient with user account may work ?

      Does anyone see other solutions for triggering Distribution Package execution directly from the end user ?


      Thanks for you help!