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    Personalization blocked by  PearlSoftware

    Tomv Employee
      Personalization blocked by  PearlSoftware -- Internet Monitoring and Web Filtering Solutions



      Ran into this product that blocks an endpoint from communicating with the PS server at login and in session.  Symptoms are no c:\appsensevirtual folder therefor no profileconfig.xml, Desktop or Session data coming down at login.  In Session, PS appears “Offline” and no data can be synch’d up or down by EM agent.  The user however can open a browser and run the status.aspx and sync.aspx pages with success.  At logoff the Desktop and Session data will copy back to PS but nothing else.


      The Pearl software will block all EM agent traffic until you specifically exclude the EM processes within the Pearl configuration console.

      This was quiet the perplexing problem to figure out as Personalization “appeared” to be perfectly healthy, but wouldn’t sync any data.  Don’t know how many companies are using this product but wanted to through this out there for the group to be aware of…