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    Enable EM Logging without updating the "gold build"

    Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup
      Here is a startup template that will enable EM logging based on flags from a share and also redirect MOST of the logs to the share. This would be extremely useful if this node was in your startup trigger BEFORE you seal up your image and need to enable debugging.

      The way it works is its checking a flag on a share. The share needs to have everyone full control or the security setup with Domain Computers – Modify and optionally Domain Users – Read.

      Here is the folder flag that “Enables” debugging. You could replace this with the image name from the c:\personality.ini if your using Citrix PVS or any other type of flag. If this folder exists on your share then it enables debugging on the endpoint. If it doesn’t exist, debugging is disabled.

      If debugging is enabled you’ll get a separate folder for each VM in the root of the “debugging” share that contains the logs.

      The service can’t write the core service logs but it captures the important stuff like the EMUser log and EMUserLogoff. 

      Attached is the startup node. Have fun and let me know if anyone has questions on it.