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    New Client Permissions and Deployment Group options in Mgt Center 8.6

    jonr Employee
      Some useful notes on the expanded options in the Management Center version 8.6 under Deployment Group (name) --> Settings.

      Typically, machines become members of a deployment group according to the membership rules. However, the first two of these options allow the user to bypass the membership rules:

      • “Allow CCA to self-register with this group” is an old option that’s been in the product for some years. When enabled, machines can join a deployment group either from an argument passed to the installer, or by using the CCA command line tool “CcaCmd.exe /URL <URL> [<GROUP>]”.
      • “Allow CCA to unregister from this group” builds on the above option and allows the CCA command line tool to automatically unregister the machine using “CcaCmd.exe /UNREGISTER”. When called, the machine will be completely removed from the Management Server’s database.
      • “Allow CCA to initiate updates of agents and configurations” is again an option for use by the CCA command line tool. You can issue either “CcaCmd.exe /UPDATEAGENTS” or “CcaCmd.exe /UPDATECONFIGURATIONS” to install agents or configurations immediately. These options bypass the installation schedule.

      All of these options require you to be a member of the local administrators group of the machine with the CCA installed.