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    Product Roadmap


      Is there a product roadmap published anywhere with upcoming changes.

      The reason I ask is in relation to Launchpad, I was unaware of this feature until installing the latest servicepack, I then did some squirreling and found that it is the replacement for Software Deployment Portal, that is fine, but when will Software Deployment portal be demised? This has also caused me to be concerned as of other functionality that may be being revised/demised that will have a knock on effect in our enviroment.

      What I am requesting is some sort of overview with a likely timeframe, i.e.


      What                                               Version       When

      new packaging tool replacing existing 8.9             Q4 09

      Console rewrite                                 8.8SP4      1H 09





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          zman Master

          Well you have a couple of options:





          1. Your local LANDesk representative. You should be in contact with this individual, and receiving this information. 


          1. Your local ESP.


          1. LANDesk Webex's about upcoming changes.


          1. LANDesk Regional User groups.


          1. LANDesk Community


          The roadmap is confidential and will never appear on the community. This is usually covered by LANDesk with you via your regional representative.  Changes to SPs are covered here - there were at least two videos about launchpad and power changes, and blog entries. Also, read the readme files in the SPs and always test it first in your test environment. For a Roadmap contact your LANDesk Regional Rep.


          When in doubt about who to contact - find the nearest office here: