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    AppSense Volume Utility

    IanBray Rookie
      Hi all

      Posted a little utility up early this week that allows you to persist the Master Volume setting between devices. Currently there is no way to personalize this as a session-wide setting- Windows 7 introduced the capability to persist per application volume settings so long as the audio hardware was the same, but not the ability to capture the percentage the master volume is set as and persist that between devices. You can find the tool here: https://appsense-exchange.com/Tools/AEL00139

      The tool allows you to both GET and SET the Master Volume percentage and works on all x64 Windows OSes from Windows Vista onwards including Server Editions. There is an included EM 8.5 snippet for Importing and Exporting the Volume setting via EM Policy, but it will work with any version of EM.

      Only prerequisite is that you have the Visual C++ 2013 x64 redistributable installed.

      Any feedback and/or suggestions very welcome- post them here on this thread