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    Soft switching Thick Windows Clients to Thin (aka Appliancing)

    IanBray Rookie
      Hi all

      In my many years working around AppSense, the single biggest deployed use case I've seen is one rarely talked about. That is the concept of using EM, AM and PM to turn a full Windows XP or Windows 7 client into a restricted and lockdown Thin Client, with the ability to unravel that for selected users (such as Administrators or to allow particular staff members to load a local version of Outlook, for example).

      This is literally used on millions of endpoints, and the customers who have done it have saved a fortune on the Thin Clients they were going to purchase. For example, a recent customer projected a saving of 90% of the projected cost of equipment purchase, staff retraining onto Windows 7 Thin Client Edition, getting a new build ready, etc, etc- instead they used DesktopNow and it happened pretty quickly. Best thing for them is because it wasn't Linux based, or required a custom shell on Windows, it was fully supported by Microsoft as they are currently.

      Another customer managed to remove 30% of their desks by adopting this model because it enabled true hotdesking (and they worked out at that on any day, 30% of the workforce is working from home, on leave or sick)- so the true savings to business can be massive if you've built the configs to meet your use cases.

      Which leads me onto this thread- every customer who has done this has had customized configurations- spent a lot of time reinventing the wheel. I want to see if we, as a community, can do better. I've attached baseline EM config for achieving lockdown on Windows 7 that then throws a full screen Web Browser up, that you just supply the URL for whichever workspace virtualization platform you choose- whether it's Citrix, VMware, Microsoft or something else. What I want to get is what can be do specifically around those environments? You guys are the experts on your customers, your environments- so it seems appropriate to ask you.

      So, in return for this config, if you get any bolts of inspiration, please share it back with me. Happy to see if anyone is still thinking about retooling Windows XP as well even if it is out of mainline Support.

      I will update this thread with an AM config (PM is pretty good OOB) if there is enough demand.