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    AutoIT different under LANDesk than Locally


      Using AutoIT, I wish to navigate to the "Network Connections" applet of the Control Panel. 


      The following code extract works just fine locally, using either RunWait or ShellExecuteWait commands:


      ; Open Control Panel and Network Connections Applet

      ShellExecuteWait("control.exe", "ncpa.cpl")    --- OR:

      RunWait("control.exe ncpa.cpl")

      ;     Then, once at the desired location:

      WinWaitActive("Network Connections", "", 0)

      ;     we can continue with network manipulation by sending some keystrokes to navigate to "Local Area Connection"


      When, however, the AutoIT code is compiled and pushed as a LANDesk exe package, it navigates instead to "Local Disk (C:)"  It doesn't seem to execute control.exe and its cpl parameter.  File write security is fine elsewhere in the script.  RunAsWait with an admin ID doesn't navigate anywhere ...


      Any ideas of what's going on here?  Better ideas?