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    AM URL Redirection and XenDesktop 7.x

    justinmoses Employee
      If you are using AM URL Redirection on XenDesktop 7.x, ensure you use the correct Connection Type.

      If you use ICA-TCP (as per previous versions of XenApp), this will not work.

      Old XenApp (6.5) connection types:
      • Console
      • RDP-TCP
      • ICA-TCP
      New XenDesktop 7.x connection types:
      • Console
      • RDP-TCP
      • ICA-TCP
      • ICA-CGP
      • ICA-CGP-1
      • ICA-CGP-2
      • ICA-CGP-3
      • ICA-HTML5
      • ICA-SSL

      The default appears to be ICA-CGP, but you may have to enter and configure multiple connection types (e.g. ICA-CGP-1) to ensure full coverage.