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    Setting a file type association using a registry action

    joeh SupportEmployee
      We were recently asked if EM could manage file associations. It can't natively - a Feature Request was raised - however it is possible to create them by using a registry action at Logon. You can use the XML config snippet attached to do this. Note that this config configures files with an extension of '.test' to be opened and edited by notepad.exe.

      To amend it for your own purposes:
      1. Replace all instances of the word 'test' with the extension that you want use - e.g. 'txt'.
      2. Replace all instances of '%SystemRoot%\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE' with the path to the executable you want to open and edit your file type

      The config has been tested on EM 8.5.720 and 8.4.651.