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    Clearing the state of Failed Diagnostics

      How long after a machine fails diagnostics will it stop appearing red and with 'Failed Diagnostics' as its status?

      Is there any harm in doing this to clear the status en masse?

      UPDATE [Machines]
         SET DiagnosticsError = 0
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          It will reset once the diagnostics are successful.
          There is no harm in clearing the diagnostics error in the DB, however you may want to clear out dbo.MachineDiagnostics too.

          Depending on the number of machines, I'd also change the query to only update machines that have failed

          SET NOCOUNT ON  DECLARE @msg NVARCHAR(256) SET @msg = 'Updating Machines' PRINT @msg  DECLARE @MachineCount INT DECLARE @MachineKey UNIQUEIDENTIFIER DECLARE @MachineName NVARCHAR(256) DECLARE MachineDiagsCursor CURSOR FAST_FORWARD FOR SELECT MachinePK, NetBiosName FROM [Machines] WHERE DiagnosticsError = '1' OPEN MachineDiagsCursor  SET @MachineCount = 0 FETCH NEXT FROM MachineDiagsCursor INTO @MachineKey, @MachineName WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS =0 BEGIN    PRINT 'Updating ' + @MachineName + '...'    UPDATE [Machines] SET DiagnosticsError = '0' where MachinePK = @MachineKey    DELETE from [MachineDiagnostics] where MachineFK = @MachineKey    SET @MachineCount = @MachineCount + 1    FETCH NEXT FROM MachineDiagsCursor INTO @MachineKey, @MachineName END  CLOSE MachineDiagsCursor DEALLOCATE MachineDiagsCursor  SET @msg = CONVERT(NVARCHAR(32), @MachineCount) + ' machines were updated' PRINT @msg 
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            Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee



            Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Product Manager responsible for the Management Centre, SCP, Performance Manager and the Xtraction data connector products. Prior to my move to PM I was an ITSM consultant so you may have come across me on the community before under that context.


            I appreciate this discussion is relatively old but I just wanted to provide an update from a Product Management perspective. We currently have a feature being planned around Management Console improvements, a requirement of which is to allow for the clearing of items such as diagnostics for a machine.. These requirements are based upon customer raised feature request, so having seen this - admittedly old - discussion I thought it was worth adding some details.


            At this time, I am unable to commit to a date that this feature will be made available but I will be making regular updates both pre and post release so look out for them.