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    Using DataNow for EM folder redirection - best practice

    randyb1 SupportEmployee
      What are the best practice recommendations for using DataNow for folder redirection?

      Obviously, the map point used for redirection should be set to sync automatically.

      Are there any folders that shouldn't redirect to DN?

      Given this scenario:
      - Current redirection going to \\server\home\%username%\[foldername]
      - DN home folder set to \\server\home\%username%
      - New redirection will go to %userprofile%\DataNow\home\[foldername]

      The current and new redirection locations will have the same content, after the sync is complete.  But you really need the files to exist before EM logon actions run.  Can you pre-stage or pre-sync the DataNow home folder somehow?  And if so, won't that increase logon times?  You could wait until all users have logged on and sync'd DataNow before changing folder redirection to the new location; but you would still have a problem as soon as the user logged in to a new/different machine the first time.