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    DATANOW Sync in DesktopLock Shell

    CarlV Apprentice
      Hi All,

      I have a problem with DataNow Sync when i'm in Desktoplock Mode (Shell Pnagent).

      The sync work fine when i start Datanow_tray  but if i change one file during the session the sync not work

      If i start session without DesktopLock (normal Shell (explorer) the sync work well :)

      Do you know why the automatic sync doesn't work without Explorer Shell ?

      Very thx in advance for your help
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          BChriscoli Expert
          Sounds to me like an integration issue.
          DataNow heavily integrates with Explorer and is used to intercept certain calls (such as folder browsing etc).

          I'd suggest opening an incident with Support, providing reproduction steps and Client Logs (if possible).
          Out of curiosity, what version of the Client is running?
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            CarlV Apprentice
            Thx Brian,

            Yes the incident is open, i think me to that is an integration problem or this setup work fine on other customer,, but on older Appliance version.

                    =  ESX v2.0.51.9
                    =  Win 64 bit Version 2.0.11214.0