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    software inventory




      I have a problem with my software inventory using Landesk, when i am using MSIA ( microsoft product), I can founding 'microsoft windows server 2003' product..but in software license monitoring at landesk, I can not find it..whereas the server using windows server 2003 add on devices scan,


      what can I suppose to do ?



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee


          It depends on how it's self-registered ... and whether you're talking about automatically detected products (which I assume you do).


          Automatically detected programs checks a couple of things - the MSI database, users' program groups and shortcuts on the desktop - it's possible for some things to be missed by automatic product discovery because of this (i.e. - an exe-file which is just copied and not installed would be an instance).


          However, if the executable is RUN, then SOFTMON will pick it up, and as long as you've got "send all executed files" enabled, then this file will be picked up + sent along with inventory information (and the file will show in "to be dispositioned".


          It's possible that we don't pick up the software ... it's also possible that the file(s) / data is there, and you just haven't found it / don't know where to look ... what exactly is MSIA exactly - not something that rings a bell to me...


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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            By default LANDesk does not monitor the OS in SLM as it is designed to handle applications.  You will find that the inventory recognises the OS correctly it just does not allow you to assign a license against it.


            If you really need to do it, then take a look at this document.  It was recently added and if completely accurate should provide all the info you need.


            Use SLM to monitor and calculate the OS


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              tq...i have done this step by step..but i have only a few server containt 'windows server 2003' ... actualy the case is, I have more server 

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                MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                Have you forced a software scan on each of these machines?  this is done using a /F on the scanner commandline or go into configure - services on t=your core server's console and set the software scan interval to 1 day (just for testing purposes - set it back afterwards).


                Check the inventory record of a machine not reporting and see what date the last software scan ran on.


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                  I would like to uninstall the one of the software on the client computer, How to do it?

                  Thank you