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    DataNow Starting Again

    simonc Rookie
      I have a DataNow folder that is essentially all my documents - about 5,000 files size about 13 Gybtes.

      I need to delete this from the DataNow store and start afresh - because frankly I can't seem to bulk delete files without my PC going into overload and individually deleting all these files would take too long.

      Is there a way to clean out my DataNow folder please?


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          BChriscoli Expert
          Are you wanting to delete this from the local and the network?

          Easiest method would be to stop the DataNow Service and clear it out.
          One of our biggest issues with DataNow was the length of time it took for deletions.
          DataNow checks against the server side to ensure the file isnt updated.

          AppSense created the following engineering key for us that basically bypassed this functionality and removed the data without checking first:


          Might require a service restart.
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            Robin Rowe SupportEmployee
            Hi Simon, if you shift + right-click the DataNow icon, there's a hidden menu option to empty the DataNow cache - this discards the local cache (of in-sync files) but leaves the server copy intact (I'd recommend logging off and back on after perfoming this step)- you can also right-click any folder in the hierarchy and toggle between 'sync' and 'unsync' to remove the local copy.