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    How to view License usage

    Karthikeyan Rookie
      Hello All,

      Does anyone know how to view no of license in use and free ?

      With 8.0, we ca atleast see how many license are installed with 8.2 to 8.4 - even it doesn't show how many license are installed. Anyways am intrested to know how to view license usage ??

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          BChriscoli Expert
          Use the Enterprise Licensing tab in the Management Center - That will show you your total count.
          The products don't currently monitor usage.. You could have 1 single license and everything would work.

          I believe that a version is being updated with the new licensing model, which will work on usage count.
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            Karthikeyan Rookie
            Hi Bryan,

            Thanks. Yes Enterprise Licensing tab used to show the count of license until 8.0... but I had see with 8.2 & 8.4, 8.5 consoles, where I don't see the count.

            And FYI...

            I came across the situation of having 1 license, where only one device will work and others will thow an error saying product is not licensed.

            Hope that future versions will bring in a feature to analyze the usage of license!!