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    Restricting Datanow user logins

    randreu Rookie
      Does anyone know of a way to restrict user logins into the DataNow appliance?  I understand that there is a way of restricting by IP addresses however we want to restrict unauthorized access into appliance via Active Directory group membership.  As of now everyone in the company can log into the appliance and they will get the map points if they belong to certain groups.  We would like to restrict access to only certain employees.
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          BChriscoli Expert
          This is not currently possible.
          If they don't have access to the map points, then they wont be able to see anything/sync anything, so other than extra connections to the box, it wouldn't really be an issue.

          If you have EM, then I would suggest that you alter the EM Configuration to stop the DataNow Service if they are not one of the allowed employees.
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            Robin Rowe SupportEmployee
            Hi, you can use Map Point policy to restrict or allow access to Everyone, OU-level, security group level or individual users on a per platform basis. If you want to prevent all users from accessing a map point, be sure to turn off platform access for the desired map point for 'all users' which is enabled by default.