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    Unable to install 8.8 Agent on OS X via SSH


      I have been trying to remotely install the 8.8 agent on our Macs and keep running into an installer error.

      1.  Download the agent from the core server: curl -C - -O http://landesk/ldlogon/mac/Default%20MAC%20agent.pkg.zip

      2.  Unzip the file: unzip Default%20MAC%20agent.pkg.zip

      3.  Install the agent: sudo installer -pkg LDMSClient.pkg -target /


      I get the following error:

      installer: Cannot install on volume / because it is disabled.

      installer: An error was encountered while running the the VolumeCheck tool for LDMSClient


      When I go to the machine and install it, it works fine. 

      I have tested this on 10.5.2, 10.5.5, and 10.4.11.