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    Importing SHA256 hashes from AppLocker

      AM 8.9 supports SHA256 and the config API allows us to do a bulk import from CSV into library groups full of signatures - so far, so good.

      Now the problem - the hashes as displayed/exported by AppLocker are different to the hashes generated by AM. I compared AM's hash generation to one of the many free online tools for generating hashes and they were identical.

      Does anyone know why the SHA256 hashes used by AppLocker might be different to those generated by any other tool? I've tried googling, in case there's some obvious answer involving salt, but nothing useful came up.

      Example: Putty.exe 0.62.

      Application Manager 8.9 beta: D4FFA4559A1E22167933772D82CF714CD4BB7A0E79511C2424E18BDB619D63A4
      Random online tool: d4ffa4559a1e22167933772d82cf714cd4bb7a0e79511c2424e18bdb619d63a4
      AppLocker on Windows 7: E0517EA6C2896CAA97D6CBF4E8CAEA00409F03703E888E83CFBC460F7682F337