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    Batch File issue




      Whenever am trying to push a batch file through Landesk am getting an error "Failed to download all additional files for package".


      Can someone help me out to resolve this.

      I have attached the log file of the same.

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          The batch file you are referencing is in a UNC path.  Have you made certain that the rights exist for the local system account to access that file (null session share using sysshrs.exe in your LDMAIN/Utilities)?  It is normally far easier for this type of activity to put it on a web share so that rights do not become an issue.


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            Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

            The error you are getting in the log (.\AdditionalFiles.cpp(198): (80070005)) indicates a permissions issue. Access is being denied to the files when LANDesk tries to download them.


            If you are running a Microsoft Domain, you can make use of the Domain Computers group. This is a built in group that contains all the computer objects of the machines on the domain. Since LANDesk uses the LocalSystem account, it will present the computer object. By giving the Domain Computers group at least read permissions on the share and NTFS, LANDesk will be able to download the files.

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              Another way to achieve the same effect without making your security team unhappy is to configure a preferred server for your core.


              In other words, if your core is named LDCORE and your script is at \\LDCORE\ldlogon\packages, go to configure > preferred servers and create an entry for LDCORE with proper credentials.