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    AppSense Consoles Template

    Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup
      Personalization templates for the EM, AM, PM, and AMC consoles.
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          rajeev.dusi Rookie
          can anyone please advise how to use these templates? :)
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            randyb1 SupportEmployee
            The XML file/template contains the definition for an Application Group.  The definition contains the includes (registry & file locations you want to collect for settings) and excludes (registry & file locations you DON'T want to collect for settings).  Importing the template into Personalization Server creates the Application Group.  If you then assign the Application Group to a Personalization Group, anyone with a profile in that Personalization Group will start collecting settings related to the AppSense consoles.  In this particular case, it will save settings such as the server list to connect to when using the EM or AMC consoles.