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    Lync Template

    Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup
      Lync Personalization Template
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          andrewgresbach Rookie

          In our environment Lync 2013 initially opens as Skype for Business and after the first run we get the dialog that administrator has chosen to run as Lync and you have to restart the app.   I can't seem to get this initial step to be captured so it doesn't have to happen.....also once i go through that , the "start lync when you log in" setting in Options - Personal doesn't seem to work (you have to manually launch from the Start Menu.   Once i remove the Lync policy from EM and run Lync on its own (so that its captured in my Unidesk user layer, everything works as it should (user logs in and it launches automatically).  maybe i'm missing something in the setup?

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            Chrisb1 Employee

            Have you profiled it to see what flag is getting set?  I'm guessing there is a reg key outside the normal Lync location that's keeping track of that.

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              andrewgresbach Rookie

              how could i do that ?  i'm still getting familiar with all of this.  I think i have a good handle on the differences in using app groups vs windows groups and have it mostly all set but this one thing i am stuck at yet

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                andrewgresbach Rookie

                i ended up figuring it out using the regrecent tool i found here.  this one happens to be a key that we must set the preference on the lync server (what i was suspecting) so even if i did change it , it changes right back).  The welcome/ first run key would be nice to get rid of but that happens to be a HKCU setting so not sure how i could set that in the image.  thank you for the help with this

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                  Has anyone create an Application Group for Skype for Business 2016? It doesn't appear to be on the Office 2016 Application Group and have only seen groups for older versions so far.

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                    randyb1 SupportEmployee

                    Attached is the definition/template for Lync/Skype(4Biz) that we use.  However, the definition is not an application group; it's a Windows Settings Group.  Lync can be personalized as an application group, and some add the settings to the Office application group.  We (Professional Services) generally recommend doing Lync, OneNote, and other "stay-resident" applications as Windows Settings Groups.