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    Get HW Address of the Connected AP

    Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup
      This code will set an environment variable called BBSID that you can use environment variable conditions with to detect which wireless access point you are connected to. This is useful for detecting where a laptop might be for location based printing and such.

      Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
      Set oUserEnv = WshShell.Environment("USER")
      Set oExec = WshShell.Exec("netsh wlan show interfaces") 
      Output = oExec.StdOut.ReadAll
      If Instr(Output, "    State                  : disconnected") > 0 Then
       'Msgbox "Disconnected"
       oUserEnv("BSSID") = "Disconnected"
       Lines = Split(Output, vbcrlf)
       For Each Line in Lines
        If Instr(Line, "BSSID") > 0 Then
         'Msgbox Trim(Mid(Line, Instr(line, ":") +1 ))
         oUserEnv("BSSID") = Trim(Mid(Line, Instr(line, ":") +1 ))
        End If
      End If