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    using the importtool to export data from personalization

    jasonevans Rookie
      I am trying to use the importtool to export  some personalization data

      the files do actually export to the temp directory of the windows profile but I keep getting an error message.

      I added it to the personalization group followed all the steps etc in the blog - http://uvarchitect.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/exporting-registry-and-folder-items.html?m=1 -  I am using the -e switch to export and running it from a server share, I made a copy of the original file and renamed it like the blog says / demonstrates ... its running like this in a batch file  -  \\servername\Appsense\importdata\ImportData-lync2013.exe -e or executing via appsense in an execute command but I still get the same error message

      1. the error I get is attached

      2. can you change the path from temp or is this by design?

      many thanks