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    Correct Process for Upgrade - Load Balanced

      I am planning my upgrade from MC 8.6 and EM 8.5 to the latest releases.  Something which caught me out last time was that if you didn't use the full suite installer to update a node it created a second instance on each server (Seems to be related to this https://www.myappsense.com/Knowledgebase/TN-151304.aspx).

      Now as these servers are running only one role (2 servers running only MC and 2 servers running only EM) they were not installed using the full suite installer (mistake) so now even when running the full suite installer there is no option to upgrade as the reg keys under HKLM\Software\AppSense Technologies\Management Suite Installer do not exist.

      What is the best approach here?  I think I can update each node correctly using either:

      • For the default instance, issue the command: msiexec.exe /i server.msi PATCH=c:\path\server.msp

      • For a named instance, use the InstallerCmd.exe utility which is shipped in the Bin folder of the DesktopNow suite media.  Issue the command: InstallerCmd.exe /p server.msp <InstanceName>
      Although in this case there will not be MSPs as we're going up a major release so it will be MSI only.  As it stands if I run the full installer on my MC it only offers a repair/modify option, not an upgrade.  If I run the MSI it offers to install but not to the same directory that the existing instance is within.  Can installercmd.exe be used for the instance using the MSI?

      UPDATE - Yes it can, although it mentions install an instance rather than upgrade:

      Install Options

          /i <Product.msi> <Instance Name> [Optional Parameter]

          Launches the Windows Installer to install an instance with the specified
          name. Additional parameters understood by the Windows Installer can be
          passed at the end of this command.

      I have also read in upgrade documentation from earlier 8x releases that

      You can still use the installer as it will identify that Personalization Server already exists and will only install required components.

      What are people's thoughts here?

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          In the end I had to uninstall the AppSense roles from a node, re-install it with the suite installer and then repeat until all nodes were done.  After that I could upgrade without issues using the suite installer.  I believe this had all been screwed up by applying an MSP in the past, rather than using the suite installer so now it is clean and tidy for future upgrades.