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      Does anyone have a config for Dropbox configured which allows users to install and also user to run updates?  Nightmare here in that we need to allow users access to it but we cannot deploy it with traditional tools as it doesn't support an all-users installation...
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          randyb1 SupportEmployee
          I believe the install and the upgrade are the same executable.  If you click Upgrade from the DropBox system tray, you're taken to the web site to download the latest version.  I can't test at the moment because I'm at a customer site with no access to the site.

          Having said that, all you should need to do is elevate the setup executable (see attached screen shot) by adding the rule to the User Rights node for whichever group you want to have this capability.  Make sure you select the option to install as trusted owner, so that trusted ownership rules don't prevent DropBox from running after the install.