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    Monitoring Appsense Server


      My customers "Monitoring team" ask about what should be monitored on Appsense Server.

      For that, they are expecting Windows Services list (infrastructure side and XenApp side), windows event ID, and URL for testing purpose (to be sure everything is working fine)

      Is there any afficial document describing what should be monitored by product ? (I've only found one document concerning Datanow Health)

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          Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup
          Usually we recommend the same monitors that we use for load balancing. If a server goes down, send out an informational alert and if the VIP goes down send out a critical. The only thing in addition to that would be to monitor disk space as the IIS logs can fill the system disk. Yes, you could take it to the extreme and monitor all the "AppSense" services, IIS, etc but as long as the pages come back ok then generally your fine.