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    Limiting Apps Based On Time Of Day

    mmccurdy Rookie
      I have a client who wants to restrict users access for two applications based on the time of day.   Easy enough however he was sold on the fact that the time entries can be more granular.  What I mean by that is, he wants to give them access from 8:50 to 4:50.  Is there a way to do this with Appsense?  I can see it's based on the hour (see attachment) but there is no way to enter a specific time that I know of.  This was the reason he bought Appsense so hopefully we can come up with a solution.  Thanks
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          oliver Employee
          Hi, it definitely doesn't look possible to configure this from within the console, however, the agent might be able to utilise a manually edited config?

          What you could try is:

          1. Set the config to restrict access to the desired application from 8:00 to 16:00.
          2. Save the configuration to disk as configuration.aamp
          3. Rename configuration.aamp to configuration.zip
          4. Open the zip file and then open and edit the configuration.xml file contained within.
          5. In here you will see the access times you set (set to '8' and '16' respectively) - try re-setting them in here to '8.83' and '16.83' (The .83 being 83% of the hour ~50 minutes - I think I have the maths right!?!)
          6. Save the edited configuration.xml back into the zip file
          7. Rename the configuration.zip file back to configuration.aamp and copy to your test machine at %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\AppSense\ApplicationManager\Configuration.
          8. You might need to restart the Application Manager Agent Service to pick up the new config.

          I've not tried this personally and I assume the change wouldn't be reflected in the console if you re-opened the edited configuration in there.

          It may or may not work, but worth a try!